The Story

Mark Abis is a prolific and critically acclaimed songwriter whose work has been used in a variety of British and American television.  He is probably best known for his song Summerbreeze, which was covered by Emiliana Torrini.

He has released two albums.  His first album, 'Changing Inside’, was recorded with Adele's producer, Eg White.  The second is a live album recorded at Broadhempston church in Devon.  

Mark’s songs are very strong lyrically and range in style from folk to blues, incorporating elements of American country and complex world rhythms. From tender ballads to foot-stomping anthems, even legendary producer Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd, Nick Drake)  agrees:

"His melodies are original, his vocals warm and distinctive, a real musical sensibility is obvious, with literary lyrics to boot. My vote for one of the best of the new generation."

His new project, ‘China Ship’ with producer David Watson (Eric Clapton, Bert Jansch)  is published by Joe Boyd's Carthage Music and awaiting release.

Mark claims that music is his “path”, his way of communing with the world. Those that have heard and been touched by his songs understand. A recent reviewer said: “Mesmerizing! Find him, friend him, buy his CD, cancel that thing in your diary - go see him live!” 

One day you may find him, playing in some backwater folk club or on the street busking and see for yourself, Mark Abis is one singer-songwriter not to be missed